Project: Knitted Scarf

A couple of weeks ago on a trip to a local craft store I was introduced to a unique type of yarn.  It  looked like ribbon and when pulled apart it was like lace or netting.  The sample that caught my eye was like a ruffle of lace made into a scarf.  The colors of this unique yarn was variegated in style and was available in various colors.  It is actually 100%  acrylic  which makes it machine washable and tumble dry at a low temperature.

 The lady who made the sample  told us that a couple women had been in and had purchased bunches of this new  product.  I did not purchase any at that time, but was so intrigued that I  went back a week later and purchased one skein to try.  There were only 4-5  skeins left on the racks.  It took  several attempts, but I finally was successful in  getting this ruffle scarf started .

I liked working with this new yarn so well went I purchased several more skeins to try a couple more styles.

The first style is a  circular ruffle that is 59″ long.   The second style is modified from the pattern and resembles more of  a lacy cord. The length is 52″  long. It’s not as flouncy and is much smaller  than the other two styles.  The third style is much more flouncy and is wider than  style #1 .  This style  reminds me a ruffle on a blouse.  The length of style #3 is 36″  long.

Which color and style do you like best?


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